My wife and I wanted to do a 1031 land exchange with some property we owned in Utah. We met Lisa early one morning and finished our day at about 8:00 PM that evening. We maintained correspondence with Lisa through the internet until we arranged another meeting to look at more parcels. Lisa was great, she kept us informed of any new listings coming on the market and arranging her schedule to match ours. Ounce the initial paper work was signed the exchange progressed without a problem. All papers and documents were prepared accurately and timely allowing us to close the deal early. Bottom line I would use Lisa to assist us again.  


My name is Stephen Renberg and I own a construction company that builds residential and light commercial buildings as well as develops small infill lots and subdivisions.  I met Lisa a couple of years ago in a real estate transaction.  Based upon the passion she showed over the transaction, I decided to give her the opportunity to look for properties for me and be involved in selling some of the homes that I build.  I can honestly say that it was a very good decision that I made.  Lisa is a dynamo to have on my team.  She anticipates what I will need and takes steps to meet those real estate needs without having to be instructed constantly what needs to be done.  When given an assignment, she follows through quickly and thoroughly, and gets back to me promptly with results and suggestions.  I can honestly say she’s one in a million and I’m lucky that she’s willing to work with me and my construction company.

Stephen Renberg

I recently re-located from Singapore back to Boise and a good friend of mine recommended Lisa to me as a realtor I could trust. With the significant time zone difference, it was important for me to work with someone who was very comfortable working via email and who was willing to do some legwork up front as I would be flying into Boise on business and intended to purchase a home on that visit. She were awesome! I contacted Lisa and provided her with a list of the things we were looking for in a home along with the neighborhoods we were interested in. Lisa sent me a list of homes to check out on the web to start. I identified a set of my favorites that she checked out before I made a trip to Boise. I am very pleased to say that I was able to make an offer on a home the first weekend I was in Boise. It was the home she believed I would like the best which validated Lisa had made a great assessment of what I was looking for. Lisa continued to work with me via phone and email to get through the entire process and was willing to take care of some things for me since I was not there in person. I appreciated her responsiveness and feel she is a high integrity realtor – I would definitely recommend her.

 Sandy Lieske

VP - LES Core Technologies

Sandy Lieske

I was looking to purchase a second horse property in Idaho.  I had Lisa check on a property I was curious about.  She answered my questions then told me about another property closer in that she had also checked out that sounded like it needed less work and had more to offer.  Before seeing it, we learned that it already had an offer on it but the seller hadn’t accepted it yet.  I loved the property after seeing it so Lisa wasted no time submitting an offer that the seller liked better than the other offer.  Lisa really gave me the courage to follow through with the process of purchasing this home. I was reluctant to continue more than once, as we had some complications with not being able to finance, the dwelling was not considered real property. Lisa went the extra mile to write a proposal to the sellers to compromise on establishing the dwelling as real property. It worked!! Lisa continued to assist me with the appropriate bankers, found someone to put in the foundation, etc. We were on our way to a new homestead. Today, the value of the property has made this transaction well worth the time and efforts of Lisa Noble.

Lisa Jim

Where to begin.... Regardless of whether you are a buyer or seller, you will never regret choosing Lisa to represent you. Professional? Yes, yet warm and engaging. Efficient? You bet! Gets the tasks at hand done in a timely manner, making it seem effortless and even fun. Knowledge? Impressive! Not just within her area of expertise, but she also has a good understanding of what is required by others. Lisa stays abreast of all aspects and keeps all lines of communication open to assure all schedules and commitments are met. She does this in a genuinely friendly manner and a big smile, which is, of course, Lisa. P.S. We no longer have that great agent/client relationship. Better yet, it has evolved into a "TREASURED FRIENDSHIP". 

Loretta Driskell

I was very pleased with the service I received from Lisa in the selling of my house. She took care of all the details since I was unable to while relocating overseas. Her advice on updating, etc. was top notch.  My house sold quickly in a bad market, at a respectable sales price. 

Scott Buckner